There is no Sunday west of Junction City, no law west of Hays City, and no God west of Carson City.” – Wild Bill Hickok

The game is set in New Mexico Territory, in the spring of 1867. It is a curious and unsettled time in North America. The Civil War has been over for almost two years, but the southern states are still, in many ways, hostile occupied nations. The Indian nations have been scattered, but are still the primary inhabitants of the “Unorganized Territories,” a vast and lawless stretch of the U.S. between California and Kansas. Periodic military action against Indian tribes is taking place, as the Natives chafe against the loss of their land and self-rule.

Canada is in the process of becoming an independent Confederation. Louis Riel is coming to prominence in the territory that will become known as Manitoba.

Mexico is ruled by an Emperor, no less a person than an Austrian Hapsburg, Maximilian the First. A civil war is in progress there, with French troops assisting US-armed rebels in an effort to overthrow their foreign monarch.

The Game

Players portray Uratha, werewolves whose duty is to maintain the balance between the spirit realms and the physical world. One note – unlike in the movies, Werewolves in the game can change their form at will, and have a range of forms between fully human, and fully canid, that they can take.

The Civil War and ongoing Indian Wars had a cataclysmic effect on the secret society of werewolves, scattering tribes and packs and allowing many dangerous spirit invasions to occur under the cover of war. In particular, the Native packs have been brutalized and pushed away from the land they previously protected. The various tribes have been forced into a greater level of cooperation to survive and carry out their role of spiritual defenders of the physical realm.

The players are new werewolves who have only recently undergone “The Change,” and a shapechanger recruited in desperation by the powers-that-be. For various reasons, each of you has been sent to the boom town of Lazarus, New Mexico to form a new pack. This doesn’t just happen. The group must work together to discover their totem and forge a mutual bond. They must also decide on leadership, and their roles in the pack.

A local werewolf, a middle-aged trapper with no pack or tribe, will serve as the de facto “Alpha” of this new pack, until such time as one of the newcomers challenges him and takes over. He will be your mentor and guide as you explore this new territory.

The Black Horse Resurrection

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